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Children's Sports Medicine and Global will be partnering periodically throughout the year to bring you important information to help keep the Global athletes healthy and injury free.



Global Soccer Club

 2016-2017 TRY OUTS!!

9, 10, 11, 12 and under

May 31, June 1,2


13,14,15,16,17,18 and under

June 7,8,9



Westerville Sports Complex

350 N. Cleveland Ave.

Bring water, shin guards, ball, soccer shoes



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The Sprains and Strains of Sporting Injuries:
As a part of our relationship with Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine, monthly articles on sports medicine will be provided to educate the club’s parents and players. This month the focus is on "The Sprains and Strains of Sporting Injuries":



Sprains and strains are some of the most common types of injuries in any sport.

  • Sprains occur to ligaments, while strains involve muscles or tendons.

  • Severity of the injury is best determined by a Physician or Certified Athletic Trainer

  • Immediate first aid for all sprains and strains follows the acronym RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

  • If the athlete can’t bear weight (for about four steps), further evaluation and x-rays will be needed.


    For more detailed information, please click here to read the complete article. Don’t let minor/treatable injuries plague your soccer season. Take action and stay in the game!

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